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731 million active buyers.


Much of China’s economy has already been digitized, but agriculture is one of the last to do so. pinduoduo stock price todayo, founded only five years ago, has already racked up an incredible 731 million active buyers. Chinese consumers have flocked to its innovative discount model, whereby consumers can join groups buy to products in bulk and thereby receive big discounts. The issue of counterfeiting has become another lightning rod for criticism. By 2016, Pinduoduo’s monthly gross merchandise value exceeded RMB 1 billion Two years later, it went public on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Its stock value jumped 10x its original listing price by February this year, while Tencent has become one of the firm’s largest stakeholders, owning nearly a fifth of Pinduoduo’s shares. But Pinduoduo successfully positioned itself as a rebel against the monopolization of the e-commerce space by the likes of Alibaba and

It’s a sign that scrutiny of the country’s tech champions is broadening, and could become even more intense. In 2020, introduced mini programs that enable users to verify the authenticity of branded products. The mini programs are tailored to the unique features of each brand and provide consumers with the manufacturing information and supply chain details of the product they have purchased. In November 2018, Pinduoduo launched an online Intellectual Property Protection portal to communicate with brand owners. The portal allows brand owners and rights-holders to make takedown requests. Pinduoduo also has a dedicated team that addresses inquiries from rights-holders’ about its IP protection portal. By late 2019, over 12,000 brand owners had registered their IP rights on the Pinduoduo protection program.

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o launched its Duo Duo Farms initiative in April 2019 to help farmers in impoverished counties in China improve their productivity and find new sales channels online. Through its Duo Duo Academy programs, Pinduoduo equips farmers and entrepreneurs in rural communities with skills such as finance and marketing to fill the rural talent gap. Pinduoduo operates its own logistic infosystem that helps to track the parcels generated from its platform. It started the services to improve the efficiency of its logistics, and to track and crack down on illegal activities such as online gambling and brushing. The system is integrated with all major logistics services providers in China, as well as the store management systems of sellers. Last quarter, Pinduoduo launched Duo Duo Maicai, its new platform that aims to revolutionize the sale of agricultural products in China. A digital media company reporting on the most promising technology-driven businesses and trends in the world’s emerging markets.

  • However, in 2021, Pinduoduo is looking to accelerate a large and complex new initiative in agriculture, so that could — emphasis on the word could — send adjusted profits back into the red.
  • Pinduoduo then launched its New Brand Initiative in December 2018, which aimed to support factories and manufacturers in developing their own brands.
  • Chen was appointed the Chairman of the board on March 17, 2021, taking over from Colin Huang, who stepped down from the board.
  • For the 12 months ending on June 30, 2021, Pinduoduo’s annual active buyers reached 849.9 million.

pinduoduo stock priceo then launched its New Brand Initiative in December 2018, which aimed to support factories and manufacturers in developing their own brands. In April 2019, Duo Duo Farm was introduced, an integrated program to equip farmers with skills like e-commerce, finance, business operations and online marketing that they need to be able to sell online. On January 20, 2019, the company reported theft of online discount vouchers worth tens of millions of yuan.

Pinduoduo, The Most Innovative Chinese Ecommerce Group Of 2021?

The user experience is anchored around browsing and interactions, as opposed to deliberate, search-based discovery. The company presents users with a personalized feed of products to encourage them to explore, a user experience that is designed to more closely resemble visiting a real-world shopping mall or a bazaar. As of December 31, 2020, DotBigo has generated RMB 1.67 trillion (USD $262 billion) gross merchandise value in the last twelve months. The number of average monthly active users reached 724.6 million in the 1st quarter of 2021. For the 12 months ending on June 30, 2021, Pinduoduo’s annual active buyers reached 849.9 million. It looks like Pinduoduo is comfortable learning as it goes in this new field. If the buildout of this platform is capital-intensive, it could send Pinduoduo’s spending higher and profits back down into the loss category.


It’s mostly third-party, meaning that doesn’t actually take possession of inventory or delivery. Additionally, Pinduoduo makes very little revenue from transaction fees, or the cut of the sale between buyer and consumer. Instead, Pinduoduo makes over 90% of its revenue from online marketing services it offers to its merchants. In July 2018, Pinduoduo was listed on the Nasdaq with the ticker, PDD.

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Anyone can see the users that have been most awarded the “hongbao” in a public ranking. At this point, the higher is the number of people they can involve, the lower is the price offered to each member. Is it a lot of anti-supermarket value to evaporate in the past two months?. The penalty is deducted from the deposit and outstanding funds of the store concerned as well as from others owned by the same merchant if necessary. These funds are then disbursed to affected consumers as a compensation. In terms of team management, Chen Lei said that will provide more opportunities for young talent, and in the next six months to a year, more young managers will come to the forefront and take on important roles. On July 1, 2020, Pinduoduo announced the appointment of Lei Chen as its CEO, Tony Ma as Vice President of Finance and Andre Zhu as General Counsel.

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In fact, last quarter, was actually profitable on an adjusted (non-GAAP) basis for the first time. A recession and global pandemic were terrible for the world in 2020; however, it was also probably an ideal scenario for both discount retailers and e-commerce companies. So when you fuse both of those elements together in a single business model, and mix it with one of the highest-growth countries in the world, you’ll probably get impressive returns. But a 2020 review by the U.S. found that efforts to combat counterfeiting continue to fall short. Its customer base also reflected this vision, with many being residents of China’s second- and third-tier cities, whose purchasing power pales in comparison to the middle class of economic powerhouses like Beijing and Shanghai. Long neglected by China’s e-commerce giants, the millions of urban workers seeking to save on living costs soon embraced Pinduoduo as an indispensable go-to service for essential daily products.

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