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Bulgarian Wedding Rituals

The Bulgarian wedding ceremony can be described as magical event that guarantees the happy and prosperous union of the wedding couple. The bride and groom end up being the central numbers in a cosmic drama which was repeated for hundreds of years. They are imbued with unique life-giving ability and bestow fertility and blessings over the surrounding community. The consummation of marital relationship becomes a mysterious event. There are many traditional rituals that help to make a Bulgarian wedding completely unique.

Before the ceremony, the groom appointments the homes of the «kumove», the two males who have serve as the bride’s very best man and maid of tribute. The soon-to-be husband presents the «kumove» using a traditional wood designed bottle of rakia. This kind of may be a ceremony that enables the bride to choose her new wife. The «kum» then becomes the primary bridesmaid and the bride’s besty.

In Bulgaria, the groom visits the homes on the bride’s family and gives them dowries. The bride’s mother bakes an exclusive cake. The groom’s mother also bakes extraordinary bread that is shared between couple and their guests. The bride’s «kum» will then spend the newlywed’s dowry – the whole thing the new relatives will need. The wedding dessert is made of walnuts and embellished with the groom’s initials.

The Bulgarian wedding ceremony also includes exchanging marriage vows, which is performed by the wedding couple. The ceremony commences with the bridegroom and his finest man being served barley around the bride and groom. The groom’s friends therefore exchange the wedding rings with the «kum» (the bride’s maid of honor). A wedding banner is constructed from a fresh fruit tree. The groom’s good friends also provide the groom a great gift: a traditional wood made carved package of rakia.

The bride and groom’s people are area of the Bulgarian wedding rituals. The bride’s family makes pitada on the Thursday night before the marriage. This is a traditional round bread that is given to both the woman and the soon-to-be husband. The best man makes a banner and presents this to the groom and bride. The banner is 1 ) 8 meters high and contains a crimson apple covered in foil. It signifies fertility and brings good luck to the fresh couple.

A typical Bulgarian wedding is full of religious practices. The groom’s family is likely to invite each and every one his «kum» (a friend who has precisely the same surname since his) for the wedding. They will also get their best guy and «best woman» present the bride and groom with a classic wood-carved bottle filled with rakia. This is certainly a formal request to the wedding. Once the bride and groom have got met, the bride and groom attend the home with their respective young families and make to give the gift.

The star of the wedding and groom’s mother and father are the «kumove» or spiritual parents. The kumoves will serve as their spiritual parents and mentors throughout the wedding. The kumoves will witness the civil marital relationship and the Orthodox ceremony. The kuma plus the groom’s father are definitely the «kum»s. In both circumstances, the new couple exchange crowns and eat apples.

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